Saint Patrick School

The faculty of St. Patrick School is one of our greatest assets.

The teachers are dedicated and provide an excellent education for the students.

Principal     Dr. Donna M. Messner

pre-kindergarten: Mrs. Kathy Imler
pre-kindergarten helper: Mrs. Patty Troutwein
pre-kindergarten helper: Mrs. Janie Wilson
kindergarten: Mrs. Stephanie McChessney
grade 1: Mrs. Kelly Stehley
grade 2: Mrs. Theresa Stevens
grades 3 & 4: Mr. Patrick Pushic
grades 5 - 8 math & science; grades 5 - 6 religion & spelling: Mr. Scott Leydig
grades 5 - 8 literature, English, & world cultures; grades 7 - 8 religion & spelling: Mr. Steve Wilson
grades 1 - 8 physical education: Mr. Joe Dumm
art: Mrs Joan Casale
library: Sr. Rose
music: Mrs. Patti Fabinyi
learning support: Sr. Jane